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It's difficult to navigate, even with beacons tbh. And with car you need to be very soft , because it's very drifty.

But I think the issue is the world. Is way too big, and you noticed it as well. I'd rather maybe try to make a more linear game, because there it's easy to get lost and find the right way to get to the top of the mountain. I didn't managed to, because I didn't know where shall i drive unfortunately, even if I saw the beacon from far.

I'll try to add checkpoints instead(just one activate at once) and when you achieve this checkpoint, activate the next one. And maybe arrow, which shows, which direction you should move to that checkpoint.

Yeah, I totally agree. With everything you said. But, you know, the time... 

I can only say you can cheat ^^  The only option for everyone except me is to drive the cliffs up with the thrusters, I think.

Yes,  I know, 3 hours might seem a lot at first when you start, but later on you realize, that's not that much,  just throwing some ideas if you want to improve it or continue working on it

Yeah, maybe I'll improve the game some day. Then your recommendations will come handy.

i like your visuals


Thanks ^^

I only wish I had time to add Post Processing effects.

And the trees are downloaded, you know.